5 Surprising Uses for a Pop Up Shower Tent

5 Surprising Uses for a Pop Up Shower Tent

Camping shower tents are an essential item in any outdoorsman’s arsenal, but there are other surprising uses for these versatile pop up shower tents that you may not have realized. From providing private changing areas to creating extra storage, here are five ways you can get the most out of your camping shower tent.

1. Create a Private Changing Area 

One of the primary uses for pop up shower tents is to provide a secure and private area when it’s time to change clothes or get dressed after taking a dip in a lake or swimming pool. The sides of the tent block prying eyes while keeping insects out, which is also invaluable during summer months! 

2. Use as Extra Storage 

Most camping showers come with plenty of pockets, loops and straps designed to hold items like toiletries or towels close at hand. It’s great for those who need extra space for carrying items such as beach chairs, snacks, and sunscreen bottles during outdoor trips. Utilizing this extra storage feature will help simplify your next outdoor adventure. 

3. Portable Potty Room 

If you want to avoid lugging around a separate porta-potty for use during campsite visits, consider bringing one of these handy pop-up tent options instead! Not only does this cut down on the bulkiness of packing multiple items, it also makes restroom breaks more sanitary in places where restrooms aren’t available – which is often the case when camping out in remote locations.  

4. Keep Bugs Out While Camping 

Sharing stories around a campfire can be a wonderful experience – unless mosquitoes ruin the mood by zooming around your face! With its mesh-lined walls and sturdy construction, camping shower tents make an excellent bug barrier that helps keep all sorts of pests outside while allowing air circulation inside so you stay comfortable all night long.  

5. Shade from Sunlight 

When spending time outdoors on hot days, having some shade option is critical to staying cool and comfortable throughout the afternoon hours despite oppressive heat waves and direct sunlight exposure. Please take advantage of your pop up shower tent’s roofed protection from overhead sun rays by stationing it near picnic tables or gathering areas to provide respite from intense UV rays without retreating indoors altogether.   

No matter what type of activity you’re planning on doing outdoors, always remember how useful (and multi-purpose) camping shower tents can be! With their lightweight frames, flexible material options and quick set-up capabilities – these convenient accessories offer endless possibilities beyond just taking showers during campouts!