7 Ways To Spice Up Your Online Dating With Virtual Dates

7 Ways To Spice Up Your Online Dating With Virtual Dates

In the age of digital dating, virtual dates are the perfect way to keep things interesting and spice up your online relationship. As more and more people turn to online dating, it has become increasingly important to find creative ways to connect in a world that relies heavily on technology. As a result, virtual dates can be an ideal way for you and your partner to get to know each other better without having to meet in person. One of the most innovative and exciting ways to do virtual dates is to use doublelove, a platform that lets you create and send personalized video messages to your match and chat with them in real time. With doublelove, you can express yourself better and make a lasting impression on your date. Here are seven ways to spice up your online dating experience with virtual dates.

1. Share music

This is one of the simplest yet most intimate activities you can do together on a virtual date night. Put together a playlist of songs that remind you of each other, or share some tunes that you both like to listen to. Not only will this help to deepen your bond, but it will also give you something special to look forward to when you spend time together virtually.

2. Play games together

Playing games together is another great way to have fun and grow closer as a couple during a virtual date night. Whether it’s board games, video games or even trivia games, these activities give you both a chance to bond over something fun and light-hearted while still feeling connected from afar.

3. Cooking together

Cooking meals with your partner via video chat can be a fun and delicious experience! You could choose recipes from the same cookbook, or choose dishes from different cultures – whatever suits your tastes best! Not only would this activity give you quality time together, but it would also create lasting memories and amazing food experiences!

4. Watch films and shows together

Watching films and shows together is an excellent virtual date activity! You can either watch something separately at the same time or sync a show so you can watch simultaneously in real time while discussing what’s happening throughout the episode or film – all via video chat!

5. Do crafts together

Crafting together may seem like an odd suggestion for a romantic evening, but it actually provides plenty of opportunities to connect as you work on projects together! Whether it’s making jewellery, designing scrapbooks, creating artwork, building terrariums – whatever your interests are – crafting allows couples to express their creativity and showcase their individual strengths, bringing them closer together than ever before!

6. Play charades

Charades is always good for some laughs and entertainment when you’re spending time with someone virtually – no matter how long you’ve been seeing each other! This classic game requires minimal effort but provides maximum enjoyment, making it perfect for couples who want an easy activity they can do without having to think too much about preparation beforehand – just grab some cards and get ready for some serious guessing fun!

7. Have a dance party

Dancing is often considered one of the most intimate acts between two lovers – so why not bring that energy into your online relationship? Put on some music (preferably chosen by both partners) and get moving in front of the camera – laugh at each other’s moves, imitate funny dances… it’s sure to make for something memorable (to say the least).

All in all, there are plenty of ways that couples can add sparkle to their relationship even when they’re miles apart – whether it’s playing charades after dinner or doing crafts in sync, these activities should ensure that any couple stays connected during those times when physical presence may be lacking due to distance barriers between them.