Buying Marijuana Online: 5 Things to Keep In Mind Before You Buy

Buying Marijuana Online: 5 Things to Keep In Mind Before You Buy

A lot has changed since the last time you bought cannabis online. The rise of legalization in Canada, as well as other countries like Portugal and South Africa, means that you can now buy weed almost anywhere in the world, with a few exceptions (such as North Korea).

So, if you’re looking to purchase marijuana online, here are five tips we think will help you get it done.

1. Make Sure You Have a Good VPN Connection

It doesn’t matter how safe the website is or whether they have a great reputation for safety and privacy, if your internet connection isn’t secure then everything from your browsing history to your identity could potentially be compromised.

To protect yourself, you need to make sure that you use an encrypted connection when buying cannabis online. This is not just about making sure that you don’t leave any digital breadcrumbs behind you, but also ensuring that any information you give them during checkout is actually kept private.

You should look for a reputable VPN provider that offers a good number of servers so you have plenty of options available to choose from. If you’re using a public Wi-Fi network to check out a site, this isn’t much of a concern, but if you’re using a home connection, you definitely want to take extra precautions to ensure your data is protected.

2. Check Your Credit Card Statement Before Making A Purchase

If you have previously purchased cannabis online, then you very likely know how easy it is to get caught up in a credit card fraud scheme. While there are many legitimate reasons why someone would steal your credit card details, it is still possible to fall victim to a scammer who wants your money without giving anything back.

In order to avoid getting scammed, before you make an actual purchase, you should check your credit card statement to see which sites you used to make those purchases. If you find that any of these sites have been hacked recently, you might want to consider canceling the transaction until you can verify that everything is legit. Otherwise, you risk having your payment stolen by hackers.

3. Only Buy From Legitimate Stores With Great Reputations

While there are some legitimate companies that sell cannabis online, most of the time it is best to stick to high-quality stores that offer a good variety of products at fair prices.

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This way, you’ll be able to pick something that suits your needs while also saving money on shipping costs. However, even with a quality product, you should only buy from trusted dispensaries that have had their licenses renewed by a government agency and/or have won awards for their service.

4. Always Use Secure Browsing

There have always been people looking to commit cybercrime through the internet, but it’s become increasingly common for these types of attacks to target websites that sell cannabis, including ordering and paying for it.

One reason for this is because the cannabis industry is relatively new, meaning there are fewer regulations in place than there are in other industries. Another reason is that cannabis is one of the most popular substances in the world, meaning there is a huge demand for it. Unfortunately, with all of this demand comes a large amount of competition, which means that some unscrupulous individuals are taking advantage of the situation by stealing peoples’ identities and selling their products under false pretenses.

Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of such attacks. One of the first things you should do is switch to a secure browser, preferably Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. As soon as you start browsing, a security certificate will appear next to the address bar that shows you that you’re connected to a server that is verified by a third party.

Another option is to use a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your traffic, which makes it harder for anyone else to intercept your information. Of course, this isn’t foolproof, but it’s a good starting point.

5. Avoid Buying Online Without Verifying Your Address

Many people assume that once you complete your order online, your package gets shipped right away. But while this may happen sometimes, more often than not, your package will sit around waiting for a postal worker to come pick it up.

Before you complete your order, you’ll want to make sure you’ve entered the correct delivery address. If you don’t enter the right address, you could end up with your package sitting at the post office for a long time. And if you haven’t ordered enough weed to fill your entire house, you could end up paying a hefty fine for overstocking.

Luckily, there are ways to check your delivery address before making a purchase. One option is to call the company directly and ask if they can confirm the address. Or, you can check the status of your order through the USPS’s website.

Once you’ve confirmed your address, you should proceed to make your purchase. Then, after you receive the pot, you should store it somewhere that is out of sight and reach of young children.