Can You Use Minecraft Servers For Free Or Not?

Can You Use Minecraft Servers For Free Or Not?

If you are a Minecraft game enthusiast, then you are supposed to make best use of Minecraft servers for the obvious reasons. There are two ways for you to do in this regard. The first option is to host a server on your computer which generally costs you nothing but this needs you to properly port forward. But if you want this server on your PC to always be online, then you should get it hosted by a server provider or company which will cost you money.

There are different Minecraft servers hosted by third parties that you consider to go for as per your convenience and benefits. You can certainly choose any of these server facility providers as and when needed. Some of these server hosting options are free, while some may cost you a little. On the other hand, few may be quite expensive. In accordance with your budget and preference, you are supposed to choose a specific server hosting option. It is thus really important for you to choose the best minecraft hosting.

You are not likely to get many exciting features and benefits with free server hosting facility as compared to the paid hosting service. It is better to do a fair comparison before choosing a specific hosting service for your own convenience. Read on to know about few free Minecraft servers out there.


This is a good Minecraft server that you are allowed to join for free. You are not supposed to have any paid subscription plan to avail the benefits of using this server hosting facility. In case, you really wish to enjoy experiencing a medieval settings RPG in the Minecraft gaming, then you are really supposed to choose this one over other options out there. This free server hosting has been named after popular web series, the Game of Thrones. All the features of this server hosting are structure from GoT entities like Casterly Rock, Red Keep etc. You must really go for this best minecraft hosting.

Mining Dead

This is another effective and useful server hosting option which is absolutely free for you to consider. This hosting is inspired from famous TV series ‘The Walking Dead’. In this setting, the players are allowed to explore exact map depiction from it. Moreover, the players are also allowed to combat other players on server. You are surely going to have a great fun while using this server hosting service as per your need and preference. So many Minecraft players decide to choose this option to have an immaculate gaming experience to say the least.

Grand Theft Minecraft

This server hosting facility is inspired by famous game, GTA or Grand Theft Auto. In this server, you are supposed to get a huge map where you can play together with other players. The experience that you are going to have with this server will be amazing to say the least. Once you choose this server, then you are surely going to like all of its functions and benefits to say the least.