The History and Culture of Sausage: A Hand Food for All Occasions

Eating with your hands is an age-old tradition enjoyed since the dawn. From ancient Greek culture to modern-day America, people have long appreciated the convenience and deliciousness of sausage as hand food. Let’s look at the history and culture surrounding this delectable dish!

ss-5 From its humble beginnings as a simple combination of ground meat, spices, and herbs, sausage has come a long way over the centuries. Ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Egyptians, and Persians had their versions of sausage. It was so popular in Greece that they even held festivals dedicated to consuming it! The modern-day incarnation of sausage dates back to 15th century Germany when butchers began creating pork or beef cuts links.

Sausages became a favorite food across Europe because they were easy to carry and delicious. You could look eatingwithyourhands to learn more about their history and variety. For example, in England, people called them “bangers” because they would sizzle and pop loudly on a hot griddle pan over a fire. This shows how different cultures have made something special from a simple sausage.

Sausage Around the World: Regional Variations 

Sausage doesn’t just exist in one form; many regional variations worldwide reflect local tastes and ingredients. You’ll find Boudin Noir (blood sausage) in France, while in Spain has Chorizo (paprika-flavored pork). Poland is home to Kielbasa (smoked garlic-flavored pork), Italy boasts Mortadella (spicy veal sausage), Mexico has Longaniza (chili pepper spiced pork) and even Asia has its version with Lop Cheong (Chinese fermented pork). 

A Versatile Meal: Paired With Different Dishes 

No matter what type you prefer, there’s no denying that sausages make for a tasty meal whether eaten alone or paired with other dishes. Sausages can be grilled or fried in countless ways adding flavor to almost any dish, including pasta dishes such as Fettucine Alfredo or stuffed potatoes with chorizo cheese dip! They also go great with salads like potato salad or coleslaw, making them perfect for summer barbecues or parties. Plus, they’re easy to transport, which makes them ideal for picnics too! 

How To Cook Perfect Sausage Every Time 

Cooking up perfect sausages isn’t always easy – however, if you follow these tips, then you should achieve mouthwateringly succulent results every time: 

  • Start by preheating your oven/grill/pan, depending on your desired method, before adding oil/butter/fat etc. –  Season generously with salt & pepper, then place each link at least 1 inch apart before cooking through evenly on both sides until done.  
  • If boiling, add some aromatics into the water, such as bay leaves & peppercorns, before simmering until cooked through – remember not to overcook; otherwise, they will become dry & tough!  
  • If frying, opt for medium heat instead of high heat so that your sausages don’t get burned on the outside but remain juicy inside – again, season generously before serving up hot & crispy!  

Health Benefits Of Eating Sausage 

Though high in fat content, sausages can still be part of a healthy diet thanks to their protein content which helps build muscle mass while keeping us fuller longer than other snacks do – plus, they’re usually low-carb, too, making them ideal for those following keto diets! Furthermore, specific types such as chicken or turkey offer leaner alternatives than traditional pork varieties, which can reduce overall fat intake without sacrificing taste. 


Conclusion: An Affordable Treat For Everyone 

While most commonly associated with BBQs or sporting events, sausages are versatile enough to be enjoyed all year round – plus, they’re relatively cheap, too, meaning everyone can enjoy this tasty treat whenever they please! So next time you’re looking for something quick yet satisfying, why not try some delicious sausages? After all, eating with your hands never goes out of fashion…