Tips You Should Consider While Choosing a Minecraft Server

Tips You Should Consider While Choosing a Minecraft Server

Minecraft server is a place which offers a lot of adventurous multiplayer games. No doubt, there are so many options that are available online, while choosing a perfect Minecraft server can be difficult. Therefore, you will find numerous Minecraft articles where you will get a brief knowledge about the Minecraft server, how it is used, why it is different from the rest of the platforms, and so on.  

However, there are several types of servers available online. But do you know how to choose the correct server? If not, then this guide will surely answer your all questions. Furthermore, it will help you pick the right active, fun, and adventurous server and provide you with immense opportunities. 

Browse the list of all servers

There is plenty of Minecraft serves available to browse. However, these lists are sorted due to public demands, popularity, and ratings. In addition, it has made sure that you interact with only those serves who are active.

 However, some servers are higher on the list and seem active, but actually, they are not. So how will you find an open server? In such cases, the servers are always labelled as sponsored, or they will have a star next to them as identification. 

Pick the right gameplay

The descriptions and tags mentioned on the server will briefly explain what the server is all about and what it offers. You could be familiar with the games these servers have as you must have played them on any other servers as well. If you have not, you understand the strategies of gameplay and how it works.

Look at the proportion of people

The lists displayed on the servers usually show you the number of people logged in to that particular platform. However, if you want to be a part of big games or mini-games, you can choose a server with approximately 100 to 150 people logged in. On the other side, if you want private servers and fun, you can select a community with 50 to 60 people online. 

Along with that, these servers also reflect the maximum population which can play at a single time. Suppose if the games are complete, you have to wait for some time until the other person leaves the games or logs out. 

Look at technical information

No doubt, this server describes the technical info in the description. You can find them under tags which they use to organize their servers. If you did not find the information there, you could also visit the server website. You can also log in directly the and look at the chart, which includes

  • Minecraft version

The active servers update the latest version regularly. If you already have it, then it is fine, but if you don’t, you can click on the edit profile button to get updated.

  • Online time percentage

This chart shows how much time a person is activated on the server. It is usually 90% plus. However, this option is not available on every website. Only a few of them show this time percentage.

  • Ping time

It is the option which reflects how fast or slow the server is working. It is usually complicated to find before logging in. However, the server forum gives you a chance to already see it by visiting the complaints posts on lags.